What are the best electronic cigarettes in 2019?

Whether you want to quit smoking or because your doctor has forced you to stop this habit, the fact is that more and more people decide to try electronic cigarettes as an alternative.

First, because it is an alternative to traditional cigarettes that are composed of a substance as harmful as nicotine, which also, and as you know, causes addiction.

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That is why anti-smoking campaigns carried out by public administrations are so frequent, since their long-term consumption contemplates different diseases. Among them the most serious is lung cancer, although it is estimated that about 7 million people die a year because of tobacco.

First of all we must answer the question, what are electronic cigarettes ? Well, electronic cigarettes are handheld devices that mimic the sensation of smoking when inhaled by them. It is a small battery that heats a liquid solution until it becomes the vapor that we breathe.

Since its creation in 2004, vaping , as it is commonly known to use electronic cigarettes, has grown at exponential rates, drastically reducing the consumption of toxic substances from conventional tobacco.

If you have already decided to choose an alternative to tobacco, the next step is to solve your doubts about how electronic cigarettes work . The operation of an electronic cigarette is based on a battery where the power button is, which is connected to the clearomizer. The claromizador or tank is where the liquid that we vapeamos is lodged, where a resistance is lodged that is the one in charge to heat it thanks to the battery, and in whose opposite end is the mouthpiece.

In The Best 5, the only intelligent recommender of Internet products , we want you to choose well, so in addition to the comparison with the best valued by other users, we offer you this guide to purchase electronic cigarettes so you know the product well before opt for one model or another thanks to our price comparator . Let's start!

Why buy an electronic cigarette?

To choose the best electronic cigarette, you must take into account the use you want to give in relation to how much you smoke or habitually smoke, to be clear about the differences between smoking tobacco and vaping .

Keep in mind that among the main characteristics of an electronic cigarette is the possibility of regulating yourself the amount of nicotine you consume. With this vaporizer method you can control the doses yourself, so that it is easier for you to decrease the amount little by little.

In addition to helping you reduce the consumption of a harmful and addictive substance, learning to vape r is a saving compared to the consumption of traditional tobacco.

Is vaping worse than smoking?

With the popularization of electronic cigarette consumption, there have been many studies and arguments that have been made to determine the benefits of vaporizing against smoking.

With vaporization, based on the heating of liquids without combustion, we eliminate the toxins produced by any type of combustion like that of a cigarette.
For those addicted to tobacco, among the benefits of using an electronic cigarette we find that we can obtain faster relief to stop the withdrawal syndrome.
In addition, and as we have already explained, the consumer of electronic cigarettes can dose the amount comfortably.
However, we also find some opinions in which it is stated that vaping has side effects . But the truth is that there are still no conclusive studies in the long term, however, undoubtedly vaping is healthier than smoking, since no carbon dioxide is produced that can negatively affect the lungs.

Which electronic cigarette to choose?
There are many types of cheap electronic cigarettes , which may differ in form, color, configuration or technique of use, and in the clearomizer (where the e-liquid is introduced).

There are also many different types of e-liquids . While some come already prepared with the amounts of nicotine, others can be "set to taste".

Electronic eGo or mini cigarette

This type of cigarette is for beginners in vaping who want to regulate the amount of nicotine and fill the tank with the e-liquid flavors they prefer. Its operation is very simple since they have three parts, the tank, the vaporizer and the battery. You just have to recharge the battery and replace the recharges when they are finished.

They are widely used by those who begin to quit smoking , since, in addition to its easy operation, at its tip they usually have a LED light that shines simulating the combustion of a cigarette.

Cig-like or disposable

This type of electronic cigarettes is in line with the previous ones, since they are aimed at those who are starting to use electronic cigarettes.

Its main characteristic, as its name suggests, is that its e-liquid capsules are disposable . Although they also have to instead of having a liquid, what is heated is a kind of tobacco. To choose yours will depend on whether you are looking for cheap electronic cigarettes or some of better quality and greater durability.

The cigarettes of variable power or Mods

This type of electronic cigarettes is aimed at the most expert, since you can choose characteristics of its operation such as temperature or volts. Although they produce more steam, having these personalized options can be dangerous if you do not know how to use them.